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Weekend in Lublin

Lublin is a Polish city attractive for tourists, situated on the route of several tourist routes in Europe such as the Via Regia, Trail and Route Jagiellonian Hasidim. At the Lublin castle is one of the most interesting monuments of Gothic art, "Chapel of the Holy Trinity". Nearby is one of the most tragic places of the Holocaust - the former German concentration camp of Majdanek, the place of extermination of Jews. It is also the base for excursion trips to attractive places in the Lublin region, to Pulawy and Kazimierz, the pearl of Renaissance architecture - Zamosc and Zamoyski Family Palace in Kozlowka or underground touristic route in Chelm.



Day 1 Thursday

Arrival in Lublin. Hotel accommodation and dinner in an old famous restaurant "City Streets".


Day 2 Friday

Visiting Lublin. Castle from the Trinity Chapel and the historic old town of Lublin. Afternoon trip to Lublin Village museum.


Day 3 Saturday

Several variants to spend the day.

Fixed Option

Visiting the Museum of the History of Lublin Krakowska Gate and the State Museum at Majdanek Martyrdom.

Cruise Option I

Trip to Zamosc and sightseeing: the Great Square, Salt Square and Water Square, Cathedral church, Zamoyski palace, fortress bastions of the Austrian, Jewish butcher, house mikveh, the rabbi's house, the gates of Lvov and Lublin.

Variant II cruise

Departure to Pulawy, Kazimierz Dolny and Nałęczów. Visiting a historic palace and park with the Temple of Sibyl and Gothic House in Pulawy, the parish church and the historic old town with Renaissance houses in the picturesque Kazimierz Dolny, and the spa park and botanical gardes in the spa Nałęczów.

Variant III cruise

Drive to the Zamoyski palace in Kozlowka. Visiting the palace, chapel, coach house, the park and the Art Gallery of Socialist Realism which is a unique collection of art of the 40's and 50's of last century, the only such exhibition in Poland.

Variant IV cruise

Trip to Chelm. Guided tour of various sights borderland culture, Polish, Jewish and Ukrainian. Basilica of the Birth of the Virgin, Church of St. John the Theologian, the historic old town with its famous chalk underground tunnels.


After returning to Lublin opportunity to participate in the spectacle of the Musical Theatre. The repertoire of artistic season (September-June), available at


Day 4 Sunday

Departure from Lublin. The airport in Rzeszow allows you to reach in the Polish region of south – eastern for tourists from UK, Ireland and Spain. Lublin International Airport is under construction yet.