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Weekend in Lodz

Lodz is called the Polish Manchester. The famous Piotrkowska Street, revitalized complex of old factories converted into a huge Poznanski cultural and commercial center "Manufaktura", with historical workers' settlements, Art Nouveau palaces of old factory, excellent examples of industrial architecture, the famous Film School and the Museum of Contemporary Art, with its own Wladyslaw Reymont airport, through which tourists can easily reach here from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Israel and Ireland. Lodz is an interesting target for weekend. Especially recommended for students of architecture. Opera lovers also will not be disappointed.



Day 1 Thursday

Arrival in Lodz. Accommodation and dinner at the hotel.


Day 2 Friday

Visiting one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe (42 ha) of the world's largest Jewish tomb buildings. Visit the Museum of City History in the palace of Poznanski family. Ride by rikschas along the Piotrkowska Street and visit the "Manufaktura" shopping and entertainment complex. End of the day in one of the restaurants, by the longest street of the city, full of palaces and Art Nouveau buildings, Piotrkowska Street.


Day 3 Saturday

Visiting Lodz. Priests Mill - Karol Scheibler's workers' housing estate from 1900, Poznanski family palaces, Kindermann, Scheibler residences - one of them the Museum of Cinematography. Visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art. Optionally, the Textile Museum in a former factory Ludwig Geyer, the so-called White Factory. On the evening show at the Grand Theatre in Lodz. Repertoire available at


Day 4 Sunday

Ride the historic streetcar line '0' (only in summer) or tram '46' or '43 'serving the second and third terms of the length of the tramway line in Europe (36 and 30 km.) From Konstantynów Łódzki which can be reached by tram number '43 ', the ability to quick transfer to the Wladyslaw Reymont airport. Departure from Lodz.