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Study-tours for architecture students

Welcome Tourist study-tours for students of architecture, architectural objects present in the Polish and other Eastern European countries. The programs are conducted by specialists from the university faculties of architecture. Are most often monographic showing architecture and its creators in a historical and regional aspects. Valuable addition to the knowledge generated in the process of teaching in higher education.


Among our favorite topics is the presentation of architectural trends of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries,with particular reference to the Art Nouveau style and the industrial architecture of the nineteenth century.


Due to the diversity and richness of the objects will be happy to present the wooden architecture of the border of cultures east and west, and the northern Polish Gothic architecture, which is part of the European route of brick architecture.


  • Architecture - the creation and protecting of the hertitage

    Welcome Tourist study-tour presents modernist architecture of Wroclaw, Krakow and Lviv, showing the monuments restoration problems in large metropolitan areas. Implemented with the help of academics from Wroclaw Technical University, Faculty of Architecture of Cracow’s Technical University and Architecture Department of Lviv city authorities. The example author’s program performed for Technische Hochschule Cottbus (Germany).