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Study-tours made by Welcome Tourist represent a broad spectrum of knowledge from different fields. History, culture, theater, film, music and fine arts, architecture, engineering, agriculture in its various aspects, protection of nature and landscape. The programs are designed for students, professional groups, and hobbyists. We prepare them very carefully with the help of scientists and specialists in many industries. Our groups are escorted by experienced guides, whose friendly disposition and willingness to help in any situation remain a lasting memory with our guests.


The programs developed by us to present the story of the historic World War II and the tragedy of the Holocaust, the transformation in Eastern Europe. We enable visiting Auschwitz and other places of martyrdom. Discovering the history of totalitarianism and the struggle for freedom and independence, we draw the characters of heroes and important events that shaped Poland and its neighbours.


Cultural programs present folklore, theatre, music, numerous monuments, festivals and regional tourist attractions.


We specialize in trips for farmers, foresters, fishermen, beekeepers and school that prepare students for these professions.


We have offer for railway enthusiasts and interested for technical monuments. We organize events, even for small groups. Especially fans of narrow gauge railways can be satisfied.


Our activities started long time ago from study trips for students of architecture and study trips presenting Viennese Secession and Berlin modern style  are still among the best of our products. We also present the southern Polish wooden architecture, we present the architecture of socialist realism and work of the most known of the nineteenth century architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel.


  • History Tours

    The programs of history tours are linked to historical places and events of the past. These are programs for approximating the Middle Ages and historical figures of the era, military campaigns and battles, and the history of the latest issue of World War II, the Holocaust and anti-fascist and Soviet totalitarianism in Poland and neighboring countries. Here you can find several versions of the programs focused mainly on a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau. Here too, we offer programs related to the history of changes in central and eastern Europe, the birth of "Solidarity" and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  • Special Tours

    Welcome Tourist is a specialist in the preparation of study-tours in various fields. These are educational and hobby programs. In their preparation we work with state and private companies, farms, research institutes and associations of professionals and hobbyists. Educational study-tours provide the opportunity to establish and develop contacts between schools, businesses and research institutions at home and abroad. In addition, we offer an accommodation services, transport and catering services tailored to the financial possibilities of the customer. Typically, our customer receives more than expected. Offering friendly hospitality we care about his safety and satisfaction.