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Special Tours

Welcome Tourist special study-tours for students of architecture were among the first to pursue our business. Were thematically related mainly to the period of modernism, the style known as Art Nouveau and the beginnings of modern architecture in Europe. We continue this topic with great pleasure. We are interested in the Berlin Secession and the influence of Vienna in the countries of Eastern Europe. By showing this architecture we visit Prague, Wroclaw, Brno, Lviv, Riga and called Polish Manchester - Lodz. Specially interesting for us is end of the industrial architecture of the nineteenth century, the workers settlements inter war years, the architecture of homes and public buildings. We are also popularizers of Polish wooden architecture of the nineteenth century, palatial building and town planning assumptions since the Middle Ages till the present. We promote the works of architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, the greatest architect of the nineteenth century in Europe, offering programs devoted to unusual architecture, created by him on Polish territory.


Programmes implemented by us, based on cooperation with leading specialists from the Faculties of Architecture in Polish technical universities. They are the guides and interpreters of our study-tours, giving them a guarantee of a high scientific level.


Agriculture-related programs are designed for all concerned animal husbandry, plant cultivation, horticulture, forestry, agricultural economics and research in this field. They serve the farmers to exchange experiences, and students of agricultural universities and agricultural high school students as a form of education. In the present study trips are outstanding farm production, research institutions, producer groups, agro-tourism base and agricultural advisory centries with their programs supporting organic farming and environmental protection. Each program also gives you the opportunity to learn about local attractions and landmarks connected to the history of the visiting area.


  • Study-tours for architecture students

    Welcome Tourist study-tours for students of architecture, architectural objects present in the Polish and other Eastern European countries. The programs are conducted by specialists from the university faculties of architecture. Are most often monographic showing architecture and its creators in a historical and regional aspects. Valuable addition to the knowledge generated in the process of teaching in higher education.