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Round Tours

The programs offers round trips of the major tourist places in Poland, large cities and entire regions or hobby and study trips for various professional groups and interest groups. It is aimed at both large and small groups and individuals, we can prepare to provide according to their wishes and any terms. Each of the programs proposed in the past had its implementation, therefore we can assume that it is proven in practice. The proposals may however be modified and tailored to your wishes. The offer covers both Poland and neighboring countries, especially the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Lithuania.


In the programs  you will find suggestions of large round trips through Poland, turn on the selected regions of the country, offering  weekends with the theme of the knowledge to the selected cities or participation in cultural events. We offer something for lovers of history and monuments, art connoisseurs and those interested in Polish culture, its music, film, theater, opera. We offer programs to support the exchange of educational experiences in different areas - in agriculture, environmental protection, architecture and art. The offer may benefit Polish pilgrims visiting shrines and hobbyists, like railway enthusiasts, military fans, and all people which like monuments and all the charms of nature and the beauty of Polish land, and hospitality of Polish people.


  • Poland in 13 days

    The largest of the touring programs. Showing the largest Polish cities - Warsaw, Gdansk, Torun, Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow. Zooming monuments of Mazovia, Pomerania, Warmia and Mazury, Wielkopolska, Lower Silesia and Malopolska. Intense and interesting. The most comprehensive panorama of the country in our offer.

  • Poznan - Gdansk - Torun - Gniezno

    An intensive program of urban tourism. Allows you to explore the cities of the Great Poland and the Eastern Pomerania. Author's program of Berlin International Women Club.

  • Warmia, Masuria and Eastern Pomerania

    The weekly program includes traveling Warmia, Masuria and Eastern Pomerania. We start it in Poznan, but it may as well begin in Warsaw or Gdansk. It also allows you get to know one of the most beautiful Polish cities - Gdansk and the Gulf of Puck and Hel Peninsula.